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Feb 21st: Toronto votes on Access Without Fear policies

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Feb/21/2013 - 9:00 am

Toronto City Hall is voting to keep its promise of providing basic services to undocumented residents on February 21st. We still don't have the 23 Councillors we need to win the vote. Many Councillors will be deciding which way to vote on the day itself. That means we need you, and 99 of your best friends, sitting in City Hall letting them know they are being watched.

Meet at 9am on Feb 21st at City Hall for your free T-shirt
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For nearly 400,000+ Torontonians who don't have full immigration status or all their papers this is critical. This vote could mean feeling a little bit safer when trying to go to the community centre or getting your kid into daycare.

This is a promise Toronto made to immigrants years ago, now we just need to make sure Toronto keeps it. Until Feb 21, please fill out this form and get in touch with your City Councillor. Tell them to do the right thing and vote for Motion 18.5.

But no matter what happens on February 21th, whether we win or lose the vote, the work is not over. A report will come back to City Hall in September, and we need to be there. The City will reach out to the federal and provincial government, but we will have to force them to pay attention. For the last eight years, we have organized in Toronto schools, shelters, food banks and health centres to ensure access without fear. Again and again local residents, staff at social services, and undocumented people have joined together to create real, independent, community based services.

On February 21st, and after, let's continue. Let's ensure that decisions about public services are made by people that use them and those work at them. Be part of this work. Together, let's build a city of solidarity, sign up here:

(Motion 18.5:


The Solidarity City Network comprises of Health for All, Immigration Legal Committee of Toronto, Justice for Migrant Workers, Law Union of Ontario, No One Is Illegal – Toronto, Parkdale Community Legal Services, Roma Community Centre, Social Planning Toronto, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, South Asian Women's Rights Organization, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, The Wellesley Institute and Workers Action Centre. Additionally, Motion 18.5 is supported by Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Jane Finch Action Against Poverty, the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, Alliance for South Asian Aids Prevention, GOAL and AWCCA at George Brown College. To join the network, or to support our Access Without Fear campaign or to add your organizational support behind the CDRC recommendations, please write to