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May Day 2013: Thousands March in Toronto to Build A Solidarity City

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Toronto -- Seven years ago, inspired by 'A day without immigrants' marches across the United States, No One Is Illegal Toronto began organizing the May Day of Action for Status for All in Toronto. On May Day 2013, we joined with thousands of others in over 150 cities across Turtle Island (colonial Canada and the United States) and millions around the world to mark International Workers Day to build a Solidarity City. Solidarity City is a unified struggle for: Respect for Indigenous Sovereignty, Status for All, an End to Imperialism and Environmental Destruction, an End to Austerity and Attacks on the Poor and Working class, continued resistance against Patriarchy, Racism, Ableism and Homophobia and Transphobia.

"On February 21, Toronto City Council voted to reaffirm its promise to deliver services to every resident regardless of immigration status," said Tings Chak, organizer with No One is Illegal Toronto. "We will continue to build a solidarity city, where communities work together to ensure justice and dignity for all residents. The history of access without fear is a long one."

Led by a giant two-row wampum and Indigenous elders, nearly 2,000 people took to the streets of Toronto in a massive anti-colonial demonstration connecting struggles against poverty, for access without fear, in solidarity with Bangladeshi garment workers and Porter workers on strike.

In front of City Hall, we celebrated our victories while pledging to continue the struggle to build a city accountable to people all over the world. A city that will accept everyone, regardless of whether they hold immigration papers. A city that will stand up for its people.

From naming war, environmental destruction, capitalism and colonization as the powers that force people out of their homes here and elsewhere, to targeting policies of immigration, policing and austerity that are making the lives of our communities miserable, May Day was a moment of unity, of building relationships across struggles, and of asserting that together, we are unstoppable.

What took place in Toronto could not have been possible without the commitment and energy of the coalition of community groups including No One Is Illegal - Toronto, May 1st Movement and Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the over 40 organizations that endorsed and mobilized for May Day 2013.

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