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End Immigration Detention!

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Migrants in a maximum security prison in Lindsay Ontario have been on strike since September 17, 2013. They have refused to enter their cells, boycotted their detention reviews and have been on hunger strike - 2 of them for over 60 days. Striking detainees have been deported, locked up in segregation, denied medical services and transferred to other prisons.

Inspired by their actions, we have formed the End Immigration Detention Network. There are a lot of actions taking place right now that are all on our campaign website. Please visit

Also read our expose on immigration detention at

Detained migrants, their families and supporters have formed the Campaign to End Indefinite Detention and are making four simple, pragmatic demands:

1 - Freedom for the wrongly jailed: Release all migrant detainees who have been held for longer than 90 days.

2 - End arbitrary and indefinite detention: Implement a 90-day presumptive period that migrants can be jailed for pending deportation. This is recommended by the United Nations, and is the law in the United States and the European Union.

3 - No maximum security holds: Immigration detainees should not be held in maximum security provincial jails; must have access to basic services and be close to family members.

4 - Overhaul the adjudication process: Give migrants fair and full access to legal aid, bail programs and pro bono representation.