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Video: Kenney Disrupted / Kenney interrompu

Migrant Justice Activists Disrupt Kenney, Demand Permanent Residency for Migrant Workers

Des activistes pour les droits des migrant(e)s interrompent Kenney et demandent la résidence permanence pour les travailleurs et travailleuses migrant(e)s


Toronto -- Two migrant justice activists from No One Is Illegal - Toronto (NOII-Toronto) disrupted Employment Minister Jason Kenney's press conference this afternoon in Toronto demanding permanent immigration status for migrant workers. This action organized by No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Justicia for Migrant Workers occurred days after changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) which make it more difficult for migrant workers to change jobs, and deny them permanent immigration status. The community will stand strong to prevent the largest mass deportation in Canadian history.

Jason Kenney has overseen the exclusion of refugees, parents, grandparents and spouses from permanent status in Canada. Now he's entrenched a revolving door immigration system where migrants in low-skilled occupations come to the country, are exploited and then kicked out and replaced. Migrants and their allies have been unequivocal about the solution - permanent immigration status, stronger workplace protections and anti reprisal protections, but Kenney refuses to listen. Its time he starts listening.

La feuille de route du Ministre Kenney est claire: augmenter l'immigration de travail temporaire et réduire le regroupement familial et la protection des personnes réfugiées. La récente annonce de changements au Programme des travailleurs et travailleuses migrant(e)s poursuit cette logique d'exploitation et de précarité. C'est inacceptable! Les migrant(e)s et leurs allié(e)s demandent la résidence permanence pour les travailleurs et travailleuses migrant(e)s et la protection de leurs droits en milieu de travail.


See a statement from the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change explaining the changes passed last week: