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Community Alert: Immigration enforcement targeting undocumented workers in Toronto around Jane Finch.

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Emergency Action on August 18:
August 15 update:

Toronto, August 14, 2014 -- This morning immigration enforcement targeted undocumented day laborers going to work in the Jane and Keele and Jane and Wilson areas, in particular the Weston road off-ramp to 400 / 401.

Vans with workers were pulled over, workers were ID'd and at least 5 workers without immigration status were detained.

Please visit and share to learn your rights when coming in to contact with immigration enforcement. It includes video and downloadable flyers.

We have not heard of other such raids at this time. If you have any information, or require assistance, please email or

Please get in touch with us so we can support undocumented people impacted by these raids, including handing out Know Your Rights materials in Jane-Finch and other areas.

Immigration raids create fear, harassment and intimidation, and force all people with precarious immigration status into further exploitation.

The conservative government is spending money and energy on arresting people who are on their way to work, piling them into detention centres and buying their plane tickets, instead of supporting social services for those in need and ensuring full immigration status for all.

Migrants without full status are the backbone of Canada's economy, pouring in money and sweat to build up the economy while being shut out of social services. We insist: undocumented people are not disposable workers to be used and tossed away at Harper's whims.

Further updates to follow, please join No One Is Illegal - Toronto's email list at

- Jane Finch Action Against Poverty ( and No One Is Illegal - Toronto.