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Reportback from Wynne Don't Do Harper's Dirty Work rally and march

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Toronto -- Over 50 of us protested outside the Ontario Ministry of Corrections on Monday August 18th, against the early morning raids, racial profiling, and detention of undocumented workers that took place August 14th, 2014. Under the guise of a "vehicle safety stop," Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) supported by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Ministry of Transportation officials racially profiled, forcefully ID checked, arrested and detained at least 21 migrants who were on their way to work, some arrested on foot, in the Jane and Finch and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Chanting, "Status for all! Stop the Raids," we marched to the Ministry of Transportation near Queen's Park, urging Premier Kathleen Wynne to curb the power of provincial authorities to collaborate with federal immigration enforcement. Members of No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Justicia for Migrant Workers condemned the ongoing criminalization of poor people of colour, that further pushes migrant and undocumented workers into the shadows, and demanded that Ontario be made into a "sanctuary" province.

Just after the rally ended, we found out that at least 5 of the 21 men racially profiled and detained at the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre will be deported today, August 19th at 9:30am. Several of the detainees reported being coerced into signing documents upon detention, that were inadequately translated to them. Clearly, the CBSA is rushing the removals in an attempt to hide the egregious racist actions that took place last week.

We demand that the provincial government immediately ends collusion between CBSA, the OPP, and the Ministry of Transportation. We demand and end racial profiling, immigration raids, and detention!

PICTURES from today's actions here and here.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Know Your Rights guides and video that provide basic information to people without immigration status are available in English, French and Spanish:

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PETITION: Please sign our petition against racial profiling and Ontario-Federal immigration enforcement collusion