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Ontario urged to act quickly as complaint filed to Ombudsman

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Toronto -- Grassroots migrant justice organization, No One Is Illegal – Toronto, filing a complaint to the Ontario Ombudsman this morning urging a public investigation of the racial profiling, and anti-migrant detentions that took place in the guise of vehicle safety stops on August 14th. The complaint also calls for an investigation of other Ontario agencies involvement in federal immigration enforcement. The Ontario Provincial Police, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Ministry of Environment have all acknowledged their involvement in these raids which resulted in up to 21 men being racially profiled on their way to work, detained, separated from their families and in many cases deported without adequate access to legal supports. Over 800 people have signed a petition asking Premier Kathleen Wynne to declare Ontario a Sanctuary province (

The complaint can be downloaded below.


Karin Baqi, Organizer, No One Is Illegal - Toronto
“The Ombudsman's investigation will prove what we already know which is that Ontario's agencies and laws deny rights and protections to immigrants without full status. The blatant targeting of people of colour on August 14th has entrenched fear in immigrants across this province and its up to the Premier to make it right. We are calling on Premier Kathleen Wynne to do the right thing, to stand with all Ontarians and against Harper's anti-immigrant agenda by declaring Ontario a Sanctuary Province.”

Tings Chak, Organizer, No One Is Illegal - Toronto
"Ontario's laws and agencies shut out people from healthcare, education, social assistance and other entitlements on the basis of immigration status. On top of all that, we now know that Ontario's agencies are racially profiling people, and supporting their unjust and indefinite detention. It's time for change. We hope that the Ombudsman will add to the growing community chorus calling for Ontario to become a Sanctuary Province."

Macdonald Scott, Organizer, No One Is Illegal - Toronto
"Though the CBSA is greatly responsible for what took place on August 14th, no systems exist to hold their officers accountable for racial profiling, coercing people to sign documents and fast-tracking deportations. The families that were separated on August 14th have no recourse to justice, those fathers that were deported will likely never come back. This is the real face of Canada's immigration system that functions to separate families, force people in to dangerous work, and further entrenches fear. No one should support this injustice, and we hope that Kathleen Wynne won't either."


For more information, Karin Baqi, 647 402 4048

NOII Ombudsman Complaint_Final.pdf142.25 KB