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Safe shelter for women and trans people

Even if one person in a family is undocumented, the entire family is unable to access subsidized housing in Ontario. Women and trans survivors are sometimes turned away from shelters. Immigration enforcement has been known to go into shelter inquiring about the identity of undocumented women.

From 2008 to 2010, we organized a campaign to ensure that undocumented women are not turned away from shelters, and immigration enforcement is barred from entering them. We won a police, that was then later reneged. In the end, Canada Border Services Agency agreed to only enter sites that serve survivors of violence if they have direct permission from the staff to do so.

Today, we work with front line service providers, shelter residents and managers to develop policies and protocols to ensure that undocumented women and transpeople have the services they need. This includes trainings and policy development and individual sites. Contact us to get more information.