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Jailed migrants connect with protest outside their cell windows

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Nearly 100 migrants and allies sang, cheered, chanted and made music to the sounds of protest samba squad Rhythms of Resistance outside the Toronto Immigration Jail (Toronto Immigration Holding Centre) on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Across the wooden fence and barbed wires, migrants jailed indefinitely without trial or charge waved at us through their cell windows, flicking light switches, jumping and pumping fists. For a moment, despite the G4S private security guards, and the concrete walls - those of us on the outside and those locked up inside shared a joint energy and hope.

** Watch and share this exciting 2 minute video to see what we felt:

** Flip through these beautiful pictures of the action:

** Watch news coverage on CBC, CTV, Radio Canada and Global TV:

The United Against Detentions & Raids rally in solidarity with migrant detainees brought out activists from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Rojava Solidarity Collective, Caregivers Action Centre and many other labour, environmental and social justice groups. Together we vowed to end detentions, raids and deportations.