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Recommendations for Toronto District School Board: Best Practices in Providing Access to Education for Students with Precarious Immigration Status

In May 2007, the TDSB issued Policy P.061 SCH, Students Without Legal Immigration Status, affirming its commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for students regardless of immigration status. While the policy is an important step towards ensuring that schools are adhering to Ontario’s Education Act and that all children in the TDSB’s jurisdiction are able to access public education without fear of being turned away or reported to immigration authorities, in practice students with precarious immigration status continue to face barriers to accessing public education. We have prepared this best practices guide to support the TDSB in ensuring that the promise of Access Without Fear

This guide identifies the major areas of concern that have arisen in our experience working with people with precarious immigration status and provides advice on the best practices to be adopted within each area. Section A addresses the preliminary issue of ensuring that TDSB staff are kept informed of the TDSB’s Access Without Fear policy. Section B addresses the issue of ensuring that communities are made sufficiently aware of the policy. Section C addresses barriers that have been encountered by people with precarious immigration status as they have attempted to register for school. Section D addresses the issue of fees charged to students with precarious immigration status and identifies the charging of fees as both contrary to best practices as well as Ontario’s human rights legislation is realized.

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