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Solidarity with striking workers at York University and the University of Toronto

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No One Is Illegal Toronto affirms our solidarity with members of CUPE 3903 at York University and members of CUPE 3902 at the University of Toronto in their fight for a non-concessionary and just collective agreement.

As an organization that actively mobilizes for access to education, especially for those in our community who are rendered undocumented and precarious by oppressive immigration policies, we value the struggle both unions have waged to keep post-secondary education feasible for poor, working-class and marginalized people. This is especially significant in Ontario which boasts the highest tuition fees in the country. Amidst an expanding application of austerity measures to all sectors of society by all levels of government, we stand with our allies in the labour movement to resist the University’s attempts to download cuts to lowest paid student-workers and contract faculty. We particularly highlight the struggle of the members at York who are taking a principled stand against the exploitation of international students, and refusing to accept gains off the backs of those without full immigration status.

As we express our solidarity with the strikes, we also highlight that many members of our community have been systematically denied access to post-secondary education for being undocumented or having precarious status. Furthermore, many have faced detention and deportation for simply trying to access public education. Building on decades long community mobilization we demand that the province, like it's municipal counterparts, ensures that all people, regardless of immigration status, should be able to access education without fear of deportation.

Our struggles are linked. Immigration policy is used to pit us against our fellow workers and to weaken our collective ability to control our working and living conditions. We must resist these divisions, come together and organize. We encourage all our members and allies to support both strikes, and to join our comrades on the picket lines.