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No More Deaths! Torontonians rally against migrant deaths in the Mediterranean

On April 29th migrants and allies rallied at the Italian Consulate in Toronto to insist no more migrant deaths! More than 1,750 migrants have died since January 2015 trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to find dignity and safety in Europe. Read more on why, here.

As supporters held up signs reading, ‘Stop migrant deaths. Borders kill. We are all responsible’, Tzazna Miranda of Justicia for Migrant Workers, spoke to those gathered about the connection between Fortress Europe border policies and those of Fortress America where thousands of people perish crossing in to the United States each year. The sombre note was markedly elevated by the presence of four ‘body bags’ on the pavement, symbolizing all the lives lost.

Syed Hussan of No One Is Illegal - Toronto noted that it was important to be outside the Italian Consulate, because the Italian government (like Canada) is a leading proponent of 'interdiction border policies' that aims to transfer border enforcement to other countries. This includes funding Libyan and Egyptian authorities to target boats leaving their shores, and pushing to open camps in Lebanon and Turkey. Canada has taken up similar measures. In 2003, Immigration Canada boasting about stopping 40,000 migrants before they boarded planes bound for North America.

A selection of photographs from the rally are available here