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Sounds of Solidarity Rally at Toronto Immigration Holding Centre. Free The Three! Freedom for Migrants! End Detentions!

Dec/09/2012 - 2:30 pm

On December 9th, join us from across Southern Ontarion for a family friendly demonstration outside the Toronto immigration detention centre in solidarity with security certificate detainees Mohammad Mahjoub, Mohamed Harkat and Mahmoud Jaballah and all those locked up in immigration detention.


We will be a noisy, musical presence to express our support for those locked up inside. We will have live performances, drummers and hot chocolate! Please bring whistles, pots, pans and other noise makers, dress warm and bring a flashlight. Speakers and performers to be announced shortly.

December 10th marks the 10th year anniversary of Mohamed Harkat’s arrest under a security certificate. Mahjoub will be in court in Toronto for a detention review, once again calling on the judge to free him from over twelve years of arbitrary, indefinite detention. And it is International Human Rights Day.

Sounds of Solidarity Rally
Toronto Immigration Holding Centre
December 9, 2012 at 4pm.
Meet at 2:30pm at Fed Court House, 180 Queen West for buses

No One Is Illegal - Toronto statement on Detentions & Security Designations

** Total persons detained since Harper came to power: Over 72,000
** Total persons detained (2010-2011): 8,838
** Percentage of persons detained in prisons: 35 percent (FY 2010-2011)
** Max. length of detention: Unlimited
** Average length of detention: 25 days (FY 2010-2011)
(Global Detention Project)

No One Is Illegal (NOII) Toronto has a long history of organizing against immigrant detentions, and in the course of this work supporting struggles for prisoner rights and for prison abolition. Today, on the one year anniversary of the 'G20 Main Conspiracy Group' plea deal that saw six of our comrades locked up while 11 were let go, we are joining with DAMN 2025 to speak out in support of our ally and friend Mandy Hiscocks’s application at the human rights tribunal in Ontario.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Fill out the NOII-Toronto Supporters Survey!

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We are looking for feedback. Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think of our organizing work and methods and the ways in which we communicate with you. It will only take ten minutes and we are excited about knowing what our supporters' think.

Also, when you fill out the survey you get entered in to a draw to win an exciting collection of NOII stuff including:

+ choice of noii t-shirt (various sizes)
+ copy of 'migrant justice political graphics' by ryan hayes
+ noii logo stickers to make your water bottle/laptop/guitar case just that bit cooler
+ noii red and black balloons for that perfect touch to any occassion

Kenney gala disrupted, communities honoured, relationships strengthened

Pictures & Videos at: (check often!)
Take a picture of yourself and a sign striving for social justice and upload it here too!

Over 400 protestors took to the streets of Toronto Sunday night gathering outside Toronto's Royal York Hotel. Inside, Israel's apartheid institution Haifa University supported by Stephen Harper, Peter Munk, Ezra Levant and others had organized a ceremony to give Immigration Minister Jason Kenney an honorary degree.

We won a NOW Toronto readers' award? | |

Umm... so a few days ago we got an email telling us that No One Is Illegal - Toronto had been voted the Best Activist Group by Now Toronto readers.

This proves one thing for certain, some of our supporters have plenty of access to the internet and like filling out online forms! So, we made one up that is a little more detailed and would really love it if you would participate.

Fill out this short, 10 minute survey on our work and you will be entered into a draw to win some amazing NOII swag! Click this link:

By filling out this survey you will help us campaign more effectively and communicate with you better about it.

HONOURING OUR COMMUNITIES: MARCH AGAINST RACISM (as Jason Kenney gets honorary degree)

Nov/04/2012 - 4:00 pm

Jason Kenney is Coming to Toronto …
Confront! Oppose! Speak Out! Organize!

Honouring our Communities: March Against Racism
November 4, 2012 – 4 pm
Rally at David Pecaut Square (King & John) March to Fairmont Royal York Hotel (100 Front)

#confrontkenney #nohonour

Jason Kenney is being awarded an ‘honorary’ degree by Israel's Haifa University at a fundraiser supported by Stephen Harper, Ezra Levant, Peter Munk, Stockwell Day and others. This event is a celebration of war, racism, corporate profit, displacement, apartheid and anti-migrant xenophobia – all intensified by the Conservative Party of Canada’s agenda. There is nothing honorable about this gathering.

We call on our communities to gather in/to honour of our strength and resilience, in opposition to this award and gathering, and against the dishonorable acts of Kenney, Harper and their allies

Join us on November 4th!

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