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Freedom to Move, Return, Stay

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Freedom to Move: Too many of us move because we are unable to stay stay. We aspire for a world where people move freely and are not pushed out of their homes. We want to move without fear of being targeted as queer and trans, as women, as people with disabilities, as racialized people, as political dissidents, and as Indigenous people.

Freedom to Return: Places we called home were lost to us due to military/corporate occupations, imperialism, and climate collapse. We aspire for a world without these forces so that those of us that wish to return can do so without fear.

Freedom to Stay: Some of us toil in temp jobs, often living in fear without full status. We are targeted by the police and the capitalist state. Some of us prosper by the theft of Indigenous lands. We aspire for a world where Indigenous nations live freely and migrants live in solidarity, decolonizing ourselves and our communities. We desire the freedom for all of us to stay with justice and without indignity.

Whose Borders 2. El Contrato & Borderless

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Apr/20/2012 - 7:00 pm

No One is Illegal - Toronto Presents:
Whose Borders?
An evening of politics and picture shows!

Friday, April 20, 2012 at 7:30pm (doors at 7:00 pm)
Palmerston Library Theatre
(560 Palmerston Ave., North of Bloor St. W., west of Bathurst Subway Station - the station is wheelchair accessible)

*El Contrato (dir. Min Sook Lee, 51 mins.): El Contrato follows Teodoro Bello Martinez, a father of four from Central Mexico, and several of his countrymen as they make an annual migration to southern Ontario. For eight months of the year Leamington's population absorbs 4000 migrant labourers who pick tomatoes for conditions and wages no local will accept. Facing racism, exploitation, and constant threat of deportation, the workers voice their desire for dignity and respect, and better working conditions.

*Borderless (Min Sook Lee, 25 mins): They sew clothes in Montreal, clean high rises in Vancouver and build houses in Toronto. Their low wages subsidize Canada's first world economy. Using silhouetted interviews and stylized imagery shot on Super 8 and mini-dv, Borderless tells the story of Angela and Geraldo. Angela works as a domestic help caring for other people's children while her own child is growing up motherless in the Caribbean. Geraldo arrived from Costa Rica to work in

Tory MP Offices occupied in FIVE cities. Actions across Canada

In a coordinated effort on Refugee Rights Day, members of refugee and immigrant rights groups including No One Is Illegal are occupying Conservative MP offices in Ottawa, Toronto, St. Catharines, Edmonton, and Vancouver Coast Salish Territories. Banners have also been dropped in Montreal and Halifax. These actions are being organized to demand that the Refugee Exclusion Act, Bill C-31, be discarded.

Update: Vancouver activists are occupying Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices.

What YOU can do to Axe the Refugee Exclusion Act

Apr/04/2012 - 1:00 am

*** April 4 is Refugee Rights Day – YOU can get involved ***

Minister of Censorship and Deportation Jason Kenney has tabled Bill C-31, an omnibus Refugee Exclusion Act. It creates a two-tier system of refugee protection that mandates nationality-based discrimination, mandates incarceration for many asylum seekers, denies and revokes permanent residency for many who have already been granted refugee status, and violently targets and expels refugees and migrants from Canada. This Act also introduces intrusive biometrics data collection on all migrants and gives increased powers of arrest and detention to border guards. This racist and repressive new bill is a major roll-back on an already minimalist and exclusionary refugee system.

Learn more – Joint NOII Statement – Axe the Refugee Exclusion Act:


KI: Organized resistance wins dramatic victory

This is the update from the Toronto KI Support Committee, March 27, 2012. Read KI Nation's own response to the GLR's buy-out, click here.

On March 29, Ontario announced that it would buy out God's Lake Resources Inc. claims to KI territory for $3.5 million dollars.

A huge part of KI Homeland, over 23,000square kilometers, or over 2% of the total area of ‘Ontario’ is off-limits to mining until KI decides otherwise.

This historic victory is a result of KI Nation asserting sovereignty over its land, refusing to compromise or negotiate for anything less. In a time of austerity, back to work legislation, where too many communities feel like no victory is possible, KI is a beacon of inspiration.

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