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Canadian Immigration: Broken Homes, Broken Promises

No One Is Illegal-Toronto responds to 2011 Immigration report

In another sly public relations tactic, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney has announced that Canada will give permanent residence to 25,000 parents and grandparents in 2012, a 60% increase from 2010. In addition, on December 1st, the heroically named Parent and Grandparent Super Visa will come into effect, allowing long-separated loved ones to visit their children and grandchildren in Canada for up to 2 years.

This seems just grand, until you read the truth behind the lies.

1. The actual backlog—that is, applications the Harper-Kenney government has refused to process—is 165,000 people. Allowing in only 25,000 parents and grandparents means that 140,000 families will still remain separated.

Undocumented in Toronto: Building homes we can't live in


Rally for Housing and Public Services! Stop Ford’s Cuts!
26 Nov. 12pm - 2pm.
Meet at Moss Park, Sherbourne and Queen St E

Parkdale Forum: Hands Off our Affordable Housing and City Services!
26 Nov. 2pm - 4pm.
220 Cowan Avenue.

Join Stop the Cuts at Ford’s Budget Launch!
28 Nov. 9am - 12pm.
City Hall.

I work construction, working on condos but I live in a dump. The landlord knows that my sister and I don't have papers and harasses me everyday. I was kicked out of a youth shelter for having no papers too and I don't know where we will go if we get evicted.
- Alejandro*, November 20, 2011

On November 28th, Ford and his supporters on council plan to bring forward a budget that will see devastating cuts to services like libraries, childcare, shelters, programs at community centres, and more. On November 29th, City Council will also be voting on the proposal to sell-off over 1000 units of social housing. This is completely unacceptable. Instead of cutting housing and public services, we need to be expanding them, ensuring that all residents, particularly those without immigration status have access to all services.

No One Is Illegal - Toronto needs your support

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Dear friends, allies and fellow organizers,

No One Is Illegal - Toronto has recently been forced out from our storage space in the building we shared with LIFT (Low Income Families Together). The building was repossessed by the city and many community groups have lost their space as well. We are writing today with an urgent call for space and financial support.

Since 2002, we at No One Is Illegal - Toronto have stopped multiple deportations, fought and won against unjust immigration laws, and worked with you to ensure safer access to schools and anti-violence against women spaces for undocumented people. We've mobilized against the G8 and G20 Summit, have joined the Toronto Stop the Cuts Network to stop the Ford austerity agenda, and continue to struggle to decolonize ourselves and stand with Indigenous land defenders on Turtle Island.

No One Is Illegal - Toronto Statement on 25 years of Maggie's Sex Workers Action Project

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As Maggie’s Sex Workers Action Project celebrates 25 years of existence, we at No One Is Illegal - Toronto would like to take a moment to commend your organization on a quarter century of creating substantive change in the lives of sex workers.

We stand in firm solidarity with Maggie’s Sex Workers Action Project mission to support and advance sex workers’ right to live and work with dignity and in safety. These struggles for dignity, for justice, for self-determination unite our organizing efforts at a foundational level and continue to strengthen our bonds of solidarity.

Undoing Borders: Queer Discussions on Im/migration and Criminalization

Sep/28/2011 - 7:00 pm

7:00pm-9:00pm Panel and Discussion
Followed by DJs and Social (9pm-11pm)
DJ DJ Tanner + DJ Essex
5-10$ sliding scale, no one turned away
Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street
(Proceeds to support Undoing Border Tour and cover costs)

We didn't cross the borders, the borders crossed us!

The bodies of Indigenous people, queer people, migrants, people of colour and the poor have been exploited, governed, labelled and regulated by the Canadian and US states. The state has tried to interfere in our communities, our languages, our families, our love relationships and our ability to seek refuge. But we have seen that if we resist, we can win! No One Is Illegal-Toronto, along with our friends at Queers Against Israeli Apartheid call on queers, trans folks, two-spirted people, people of colour, migrants, workers, students, radicals, and allies to join us for an evening of discussion, reflection and celebration.

Are Ford’s cuts racist? Yes! And this is why!

Colonialism, imperialism and neoliberal economic policies keep pushing us out and displacing us! The Indigenous people of this land have been displaced by centuries of ongoing colonial policies and practices, pushed away from the regions settlers wanted to occupy and pushed away from the areas mining and logging companies wanted to exploit. Migrants from other lands have also been displaced by colonial and capitalist projects of expansion and exploitation; with many of these projects directed from corporate offices right here in Toronto. And today in our city, migrants and Indigenous people are displaced once again. Along with other communities, impoverished year after year so the rich can get richer, we are displaced in our own city. Displaced from the downtown east-side, displaced from Parkdale, displaced by gentrification and pushed out of libraries, shelters, daycare and food banks facing cuts.

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