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No One Is Illegal at the G8/G20 Mobilizations in Toronto

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Joint Statement of No One Is Illegal Toronto, No One Is Illegal Vancouver, No One Is Illegal Halifax, No One Is Illegal Montreal and No One Is Illegal Ottawa

No Fences, No Borders!
No One Is Illegal, Canada Is Illegal!

As most of you have heard, from June 25th to 27th the world’s richest countries (the G8 and G20) will send their poli-trickers and banking elite, along with heads of the EU, IMF and World Bank, to meet in Huntsville and then in Toronto. They will be talking bailouts, corporate green-washing, and how to further deepen their own and their friends’ pockets. The G8 and G20 countries and their corporations make most of the weapons on the planet, profit from war, subsidize oil corporations and massive industrial projects, and are responsible for pushing millions out of their homes each year. Migrants arriving in G20 countries are treated as exploitable labour - fenced in to precarious work - and often living in fear of detention and deportation.

An Invitation: No One Is Illegal Resists the G8/G20!

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>> The G8/G20 countries impose borders, celebrate temporary worker programs and support racist Immigration policies. This means that we are exploited, abused and live in daily fear.

>> The G8/G20 countries cause massive environmental damage. This means that families in the ‘Third World’ are unable to live with dignity and are being forced out of their homes.

>> The G8/G20 ‘leaders’ created the economic crisis and refuse to hold banks accountable. This means job loss and poverty for migrant communities.

>> The G8/G20 countries create most of the weapons in the world and support policing and wars on poor communities. This means suffering and death in countries of the South, and in poor and people of color communities here in Canada.

>> The G8/G20 Summits are spending over $1.2 billion on fences and checkpoints in our city, creating borders that will divide people. Torontonians will face an armed camp for a few days which is a daily reality for millions around the world.

>> The G8 and G20 Summits are a meeting of the people that make the rules that hurt us in our streets, at our workplaces and in our homes. The Summit itself, as well as the decisions they make must be opposed by all who struggle for immigrant rights and migrant justice.

In direct opposition to the G20 policies, No One Is Illegal-Toronto invites you to:


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Jun/25/2010 - 2:30 pm


Friday, June 25th, 2010
Allan Gardens (Carleton St. and Sherbourne St)

NOTE: March will be led by Women and Transfolks

From June 25th and 27th, 2010, the world’s twenty richest countries (the G8 and G20) will send their ruling elite, along with heads of the IMF and World Bank, to meet in Huntsville and then in Toronto, to talk exploitation, wealth, and greed.

CBSA Raids Jaballah Family Home, Seizes Three Children's Toys

Government Agents Rifle Through Confidential Legal Files, Conduct Search of Children's Bedrooms

TORONTO, May 11, 2010 – In yet another blow aimed at the morale of the beleaguered family of secret trial detainee Mahmoud Jaballah, three carloads of agents from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), assisted by Metro Toronto Police, conducted a raid on the Jaballah family residence April 14 on the pretext of looking for the two youngest boys' clear plastic toy guns, commonly played with by children across Canada and readily accessible at most Walmarts, Canadian Tires, and dollar stores.

Apparently, agents who conduct 24/7 wiretaps of the family phone learned about the toy guns while listening in on the children's telephone conversations, and immediately sprung into action in the name of Canada's national security.

Hundreds Demand Justice for Junior!

TORONTO - On Sunday afternoon, over 200 residents of the Jane Finch community hit the streets to demand Justice for Junior Manon, the 18-year-old youth who was killed on Wednesday night after being pulled over by Toronto Police.

Lead by Junior's family, the many in attendance marched from Steeles Ave. and Founders Rd. where he was killed, to Toronto Police 31 Division. Carrying signs that read "Justice for Junior", "May 5: When we lost our best friend", and "No Justice No Peace", the march continued to grow along the way, joined by many more neighbourhood residents, and dozens of cars honking in support.

"Today, on Mother's Day, Junior's mom should be with her son," stated one of the family's supporters. "She shouldn't have to be out here demanding answers about why he was killed".

May Day March for Status for All!

“Firing Jason Kenney, Building a Sanctuary City”

TORONTO – For five years, Migrant Justice organizers have built on the history of May Day in Toronto, creating the momentum for a massive Immigrant Rights demonstration on May 1. This work came alive on Saturday, May 1, 2010 as over two thousand people gathered in one of North America’s most densely populated Immigrant neighbourhoods, St. Jamestown, to fight for Status for All!

“Today, from South Korea to Arizona, to right here in Toronto, millions of people are taking to the streets and marching for our rights, to demand our dignity, to take back our city!” began Graciela Flores, a member of No One Is Illegal – Toronto. “Migrant Community Under Attack! What do we do? Stand Up, Fight Back!”

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