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Hundreds Demand Justice for Junior!

TORONTO - On Sunday afternoon, over 200 residents of the Jane Finch community hit the streets to demand Justice for Junior Manon, the 18-year-old youth who was killed on Wednesday night after being pulled over by Toronto Police.

Lead by Junior's family, the many in attendance marched from Steeles Ave. and Founders Rd. where he was killed, to Toronto Police 31 Division. Carrying signs that read "Justice for Junior", "May 5: When we lost our best friend", and "No Justice No Peace", the march continued to grow along the way, joined by many more neighbourhood residents, and dozens of cars honking in support.

"Today, on Mother's Day, Junior's mom should be with her son," stated one of the family's supporters. "She shouldn't have to be out here demanding answers about why he was killed".

May Day March for Status for All!

“Firing Jason Kenney, Building a Sanctuary City”

TORONTO – For five years, Migrant Justice organizers have built on the history of May Day in Toronto, creating the momentum for a massive Immigrant Rights demonstration on May 1. This work came alive on Saturday, May 1, 2010 as over two thousand people gathered in one of North America’s most densely populated Immigrant neighbourhoods, St. Jamestown, to fight for Status for All!

“Today, from South Korea to Arizona, to right here in Toronto, millions of people are taking to the streets and marching for our rights, to demand our dignity, to take back our city!” began Graciela Flores, a member of No One Is Illegal – Toronto. “Migrant Community Under Attack! What do we do? Stand Up, Fight Back!”

Sanctions-busting Telethon

in solidarity with Abousfian Abdelrazik and against oppressive "national security" logic.

"Under federal law, anyone who contributes money to Abousfian Abdelrazik risks prosecution. Canadian regulations state that no Canadian shall "provide or collect by any means, directly or indirectly, funds with the intention that the funds be used" by someone on the 1267 list."

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

From anywhere, between 7pm and 9pm EDT:
Call toll free 1 877 737 4070
Tune in to live-broadcast on Rabble TV,

ALSO, tune in to Amandla on CKUT 90.3 FM for live reports.

Project Fly Home is organizing the first ever "Sanctions-busting Telethon" on April 28th to call people to donate to Abousfian Abdelrazik in open defiance of the United Nations 1267 regime, challenging the fear, racism and isolation it creates and feeds on. The evening will include a free spaghetti dinner and a host of poets, musicians, performers, and speakers, including Hasan Abdulhai, Kader B, Al and Jess Blair, Ehab Lotayef, Norman Nawrocki and Jou Jou Turenne !

Changes To The Immigration System That You Need to Know About

(1) The Conservative Attacks on the Refugee System:
Why Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is Lying

Jason Kenney recently proposed a number of sweeping changes to the Refugee System. Unfortunately, most of what he said was deceiving, or an outright lie.

Kenney Says: Canada’s asylum system is crippled by long delays and a cumbersome process. This results in claims taking years to resolve.

We Say: When the Tories took power in 2005, the backlog was zero and the processing time was 11.5 months. It has now gone up to 19.5 months and the backlog is in the thousands. The Tories created this ‘crisis’ to push through these vicious changes.

Kenney Says: The Government-Assisted Refugees Program will be expanded over time by up to 500 places. An additional 2,000 places will be added to the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program..

Out of Our Shelters! Out of Our Lives!

OUT OF OUR SHELTERS! OUT OF OUR LIVES! was the message delivered to the Canada Border Services Agency on March 8th, International Women's Day, by the 120 plus women and trans-folks who poured into the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre for an Emergency Assembly.

The meeting began with a campaign organizer reading a statement from Jane, a single mother and survivor of violence from Ghana, "Last week, one of the residents from the shelter called me. She told me that immigration officers came into the shelter to look for me. I never thought that they would do something so low. I'm not a criminal. I'm a human being and shouldn't be treated like this. I have the right to be in a shelter without being afraid that they will come to get me," Jane told the crowd of supporters.

the City is a Sweatshop 2010

Mar/19/2010 - 10:00 am

March 19-20, 2010

Hidden behind skyscraper towers and corporate greed is a city built on the foundations of stolen land, exploitation of immigrant labor and denial of basic services to those living without full status or in poverty – Toronto. A sweatshop city.

Massive changes to the immigration and refugee system, coupled with renewed Immigration raids have created an even more precarious situation in Toronto, home to thousands of people living without full status.

Non status people are being systematically shut out of schools, food banks and hospitals, and harassed at women’s shelters by Police and Immigration Enforcement while rebuilding their lives. Migrants are exploited at work, and threatened with deportation when attempting to unionize. Immigration enforcement is attacking people in their homes, at work and on the streets.

But we are taking back our city. One shelter at a time, one food bank at a time, one health care centre at a time. Breaking the walls, fences and borders in Toronto, we are creating a Sanctuary City that ensures justice and dignity for all.

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