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Scrap Proposed Amendments to the Migrant Worker Regulations: Ensure Status for All!

Action AlertCoalition for Change Statement in response to the proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney
Temporary Resident Policy and Programs Director Maia Welbourne

As community, women's, immigrant rights, faith-based and trade union organizations we strongly oppose the proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that entrench a disposable workforce with few rights. We call on the government to scrap these proposed amendments immediately and ensure real protection and justice for migrant workers.

Under a smokescreen of protection for workers, the regulatory changes would limit migrant workers' time in Canada to four years and bar them from re-entering Canada for the next six years.


- a statement by No One Is Illegal - Toronto -

Updated: October 17, 2009

Some believe that the Canadian immigration system is fair and generous. It isn't. And Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney are swiftly making it even worse.

They are underhandedly taking apart the so-called 'objective' points-based system. They are moving quickly to get rid of its 'humanitarian' part, the refugee process. In its place, they are setting up temporary work programs that are designed to push most migrants in to vulnerable, precarious and temporary jobs without access to services or the ability to unionize.

In 2008, for the first time, more people entered the work force on exploitative temporary work programs than with access to permanent residency!

National Video Competition: No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism

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No One Is Illegal-Toronto, No One Is Illegal-Vancouver and are pleased to announce the official launch of the 2009-2010 “No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism!” National Video Competition.

Youth are invited to take a stand against racism with us! Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, has continued a trend of cutting funding for settlement agencies, breaking the refugee system and increasing temporary work programs. These are acts of racist discrimination. Now Kenney has called for a video competition called ‘Racism. Stop it!’ This is another attempt to fool us in to thinking that Immigration Canada is not racist. The “No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism!” National Video Competition is a contest which invites youth, to submit short videos (45 to 60 seconds) on their thoughts about Canada’s racist immigration system. This initiative will reach thousands of people across Turtle Island through community migrant justice networks, educators and youth, and through features with our media sponsor

Adil Charkaoui is Free

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Adil Charkaoui

Six years after the federal government declared him a terrorist and severely restricted his freedom of movement, Adil Charkaoui is a free man.

On Thursday a federal court revoked his security certificate, and lifted all the other restrictions on Charkaoui.

He celebrated the decision by cutting off the electronic leash he's been forced to wear for years.

"Six years of deprivation of freedom, two years in jail, four years with this bracelet and draconian conditions," said Charkaoui.

NONE IS TOO MANY: Canada is failing to protect refugees

Jul/16/2009 - 11:30 am


NONE IS TOO MANY: Canada is failing to protect refugees

Toronto - July 16, 2009: Concerned community groups will hold a Press Conference on Thursday July 16, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. at Roma Community Centre at CultureLink, 2340 Dundas West (Crossways Mall), Suite 301, Toronto (follow Culturelink sign on main floor, go to 3rd Floor)

Community groups are deeply concerned about Canada’s recent decision to impose a visa on those countries, effectively shutting the door on Czech Roma and Mexican refugee who seek protection in Canada.

“Immigration Minister Jason Kenny appears to think that Roma don’t face state-sanctioned persecution in the Czech Republic” said Roma Community Centre Vice President Bill Bila. “Yet Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have stated publicly that the Czech Republic has failed to protect Roma from discrimination and abuse at the hands of public officials and private individuals” he said.

Migrant families challenge immigration application fee

25 June, 2009
Nicholas Keung

Should impoverished migrants be exempted from an immigration application fee simply because they can't afford it?

That was the focus of a federal court case in Toronto on Wednesday involving three migrant families who argued that the $550 fee for humanitarian and compassionate applications - a last resort for failed refugee claimants and non-status individuals to stay in Canada - infringes on their constitutional and charter rights.

"The case is about the access to that process," said lawyer Angus Grant, who, along with colleague Andrew Dekany, represented the three families, the Gunthers from Hungary, the Krenas from the Congo and Nell Toussaint, a woman from Grenada.

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