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Migrant Justice Advocates Launch "Stop the Raids!" Campaign in Toronto

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Pledge to end racist scapegoating of migrant workers during economic recession

On Saturday June 6, 2009, nearly a hundred people assembled to hear from people directly affected by the recent Immigration raids that have terrorized migrant communities.

Immigration raids conducted in April saw over 100 migrant workers arrested and were followed by another raid in May where nearly 2 dozen workers were arrested.

"We are not illegal" related Flor, a migrant farm worker who witnessed the raids this May. "All we ask for is to make a living".

Another migrant worker who was arrested in the April raids explained her situation: She was forced to quit the job she had a work permit for because of horrendous conditions involving a criminal investigation against her employer. She was arrested in an Immigration raids while working and was jailed for a month.

OPSEU condemns immigration raids, demands full regularization and access to services for undocumented people

No One Is Illegal-Toronto sends greetings of solidarity to delegates at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) 2009 convention, 23-25 April 2009.

At the convention, OPSEU passed a historic resolution to join community groups in condemning immigration raids, demanding a full and inclusive regularization program (and lobbying NUPGE to take a similar stance), committing to lobbying the province to provide services to undocumented people, demanding that the government enact legislation that regulates recruitment agencies, work with community groups to develop educational materials, workshops and presentations for OPSEU membership and others, and make a financial contribution to No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Migrante Ontario and Justicia for Migrant Workers.

Stop the Raids! Campaign Launch and Community Discussion

Jun/06/2009 - 1:30 pm

TESTIMONIES from people arrested in the raids!
Reports about Harper’s RACIST immigration plans!
A chance to EXPRESS your anger and disgust!
Build Canada’s first RAIDS RESPONSE NETWORK!

June 6, 1:30-3:00pm, 252 Bloor West

Join No One Is Illegal - Toronto, Justicia for Migrant Workers and Migrante-ON to for an open community dialogue and strategizing session on the recent immigration raids in Southern Ontario. June 6 will mark the launch of the Stop the Raids! Campaign and a community Raids Response Network. There will be testimonies from people arrested in the raids, reports about changes in the Immigration process and brief reports from the community raids response network.

ACTION ALERT: Urgent Email Campaign


Write to Prime Minister Harper, Leamington Police Chief Gow, and Immigration Enforcement Manager Schuler

On 27 and 28 May, 2009, CBSA with help from local Police arrested at least 20 farm-workers for no crime except that they were trying to earn a decent living.

These workplace raids cannot be allowed to become the new reality of Canadian Immigration. (For further information, see below.)

We need immediate, urgent action against CBSA-Windsor, the Leamington Police and Prime Minister Harper!

Your two minutes in sending an email could make a critical difference. Leamington has yet to see a concerted political campaign ?show them how many people think that these raids are unacceptable!

Sample Email:

May Day of Action: Over 2000 People Take to the Streets!

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On May 2, 2009, over 2000 community activists, migrants and allies took to the streets.

We occupied the Yonge and Dundas intersection in the heart of downtown Toronto to make visible the non-status people that this sweatshop city wants to hide away.

We dropped 50 foot banners that read 'No One Is Illegal' and 'Stop the Raids' to make clear that migrants, with or without status, working people and the poor will not be criminalized.

We went to the gates of City Hall dropping massive banners at its doors to insist that Toronto, Ontario and Canada cannot ignore us.

School by school, college by college, hospital by hospital, shelter by shelter, food bank by food bank - one after the other we are going to liberate our homes, our workplaces and our communities. We will make them sanctuaries for all residents. If the powerful few will not let us in to their house of decisions, we will change the decisions where they are put in to practice.

Jason Kenney's Doublespeak Exposed: Tories Unleash Canada Border Services on Migrants

Jason Kenneyby S.K. Hussan and Mac Scott

It is hard to write an article about Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's attacks on Canadian racialized communities. As soon as one draft is complete, Kenney is at it again, spinning new lies and venting hateful rhetoric. In a federal cabinet chock-a-block with unsavory characters, Kenney stands first in line. Kenney has expanded his use of arbitrary power and has moved with stealth to significantly reduce the number of family-class immigrants applying from countries of the Global South. While on the one hand Kenney and the Conservatives portray themselves as the friend of immigrant communities, their administrative edicts to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and legislative changes have resulted in the door being shut on immigrants' hands.

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