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Feb/28/2014 - 12:30 pm

February 28, 2014
Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre, Border Agency HQ, 6900 Airport Road
1:45pm. Buses leave Bloor & St George at 12:30pm, Kipling Station Parking at 1pm

February 28th marks the two-month anniversary of Lucia Vega Jimenez’s attempted suicide while in immigration enforcement custody awaiting deportation. She died 8 days later. February also marks the five-month anniversary of the historic migrant strike in Lindsay ON against endless detentions, maximum security incarceration and a broken detention review system.

Get on the bus! Confirm your seat: If you are coming from Guelph please contact for a ride.


Mr De Souza, a Toronto resident for 25 years, passed away on Saturday, January 18th but is yet to have a funeral, because the family is unable to afford the costs associated and the City of Toronto will not pay simply because Mr De Souza was undocumented. The City has asked Mr. De Souza’s family to declare the body abandoned after which they will put it in a box, and burn it instead of following their internal processes and subsidizing the funeral. If this happens, Mr De Souza's children will be unable to say their last goodbyes.

This morning at 10am, Family, friends and supporters of Rogerio Marques De Souza including members of No One Is Illegal Toronto, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and other community organizations were outside Toronto Metro Hall, ready to demand that the City of Toronto provide him with a funeral subsidy like any other low-income Toronto resident so that his family can carry out his last rites.

However, a private organization stepped in to pay for the funeral which is now happening later today as a result of the Toronto Star story this morning. We postponed our action this morning but the family have resolved to make sure this never happens to anyone else in the city. We will be taking joint actions in the coming week. We cannot rely on the charity of individuals to step up each time while allowing laws and policies to continue to discriminate against undocumented people.


In the meantime, we need you to act

(1) Email the City of Toronto & Premier of Ontario

Email: Patricia Walcott, General Manager of Toronto Employment and Social Services at and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at Cc

Tell them that in Feburary 2012, Toronto promised undocumented residents that they could live here without fear. Now, the city staff tells us that our communities can't even die with dignity. Undocumented people in Toronto deserve the same services as everyone else. Insist that this must never happen again. Let them know that neither municipal or provincial laws must shut out undocumented families. More background below.

(2) Comment on the exploding debate in the Toronto Star

The body of an undocumented migrant from Brazil has been sitting at a Toronto hospital morgue since Saturday because his three teenaged children can’t afford to bury him. Should the City of Toronto pay the costs? That question has set off an emotional debate on - please go and participate!

** Should Toronto pay for an undocumented migrant's funeral? The debate in 9 comments

** City of Toronto refuses to pay for funeral of undocumented immigrant

2013: No One Is Illegal - Toronto in Review

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The turning of the calendar gives us an opportunity to reflect on our struggles, and prepare for the work ahead. Here is a brief report of our activities.


Toronto Declared A Sanctuary CityToronto Declared A Sanctuary City

On February 21st, 2013, after over a decade of work involving organizations acrosss the city, No One Is Illegal – Toronto made a major breakthrough as Toronto was declared Canada’s first Sanctuary City. See a partial history of that struggle by clicking here. Check out a report by the Solidarity City Network on the next steps that Toronto must take.


Canada’s largest immigration detainee strikeCanada’s largest immigration detainee strike

Since September 17, 2013, nearly 200 migrants have been on strike in Lindsay, ON. Though strike participants have faced deportation, segregation and violence, their actions have continued. Over 2,500 people have signed petitions, hundreds of us have protested, and the mainstream media has begun to question the unfairness of immigration detention. See the campaign website at


Vigil in Support of the Walji family : In Sadness, Remembrance and Rage

Nov/15/2013 - 4:00 pm
Nov/15/2013 - 5:30 pm

Friday, November 15th
Immigration Enforcement & Refugee Board Offices
74 Victoria Street, Toronto

Mohamed and Shyroz Walji and their daughter Qyzra had been trying to get permanent residency status in Canada for 15 years. Qyzra had cerebral palsy and the family was supported by a patchwork of help and donations. Rather than waiting for their forced deportation to Tanzania, the family was found dead in their London apartment earlier this month in an apparent murder - suicide.

Please join us for a vigil at sunset in support of the Walji's family and friends and to hold Immigration Canada and immigration enforcement accountable for what they and Canada's immigration system have done and continue to do to people.

We are full of tears and rage about an immigration system that would have families die rather than give them status. Join us as we remind the people that denied the Walji family status that they are literally forcing people to their deaths.

ACTION ALERT: Ruling on Mohammad Mahjoub's security certificate coming "late this week"

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Oct/23/2013 - 9:00 am

The Federal Court will render its final decision on Mohammad Mahjoub's case this week. The decision could come as early as Wednesday.

The court will announce whether or not it is upholding the "security certificate" that has kept Mr. Mahjoub in immigration detention on the basis of secret suspicions for more than 13 years. Mr. Mahjoub has been waiting for this ruling since December when the hearings on his case wrapped up.

However, the actual reasons for the decision will be withheld for another five days on "national security" grounds, while the government and 'special advocates' decide what to keep secret from Mr. Mahjoub and the public.

If the certificate is not found to be "reasonable", Mr. Mahjoub will walk free. If Justice Blanchard bows to political pressure and upholds the reasonability of the security certificate, Mr. Mahjoub would be forced to appeal the decision all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.


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