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End Police Brutality

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Daniel Garcia Deported. We Continue.

At 8:30am this morning, Daniel Garcia unwillingly boarded a plane to Mexico City. The new year begins with a hole in the Parkdale community and in our hearts.

With over 1600 petitions signed, Christmas Day meetings of 50 people, New Year's Eve rallies of 150 people, some believed that perhaps the Tories would listen to the 'public' that they always invoke. With politicians, church groups, teachers unions, the Toronto District School Board, and especially Daniel's teachers and fellow students all condemning the deportation and calling for his release and with headlines in every newspaper and TV station across the country telling his 'special' story, some thought that perhaps Jason Kenney would intervene and grant Daniel Garcia a temporary resident permit. He didn't.

Yet again, the Conservative government of the day (like all governments) has shown that it is committed to a single project - one of exclusion, exploitation and ongoing violence.

Police Services: Safe Access for All. A Report by the Immigration Legal Committee

Police Services: Safe Access for All
A Report by the Immigration Legal Committee

Executive Summary
(full report attached)


The Immigration Legal Committee is a group of law students, legal professionals, and lawyers that advocate for the rights of immigrants and refugees, particularly those without status. It is a joint project of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Immigrant Rights Working Group, No One Is Illegal (Toronto), and the Ontario Law Union.

Board rejects `don't tell' policy

Fri Nov 21 2008
Robyn Doolittle
Staff Reporter

The Toronto Police Services Board has voted to reject a controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy for victims and witnesses of crime who are not legally in the country. It's a move that social advocates say is endangering women's lives.

"These matters are never easy and (decisions) cannot be made lightly," board chair Alok Mukherjee said in introducing his recommendation to keep the current policy.

In May 2006, the board approved the Victims and Witnesses Without Legal Status Policy, or "don't ask" as it has come to be known. This was designed to ensure that undocumented individuals were able to contact police, without fear of deportation, while at the same time not putting officers in legal grey area of not reporting a potential crime.


20 November 2008 - Immigrants, racialised communities and precarious and non-status people suffered a severe setback today as the Toronto Police Services Board unilaterally and without consultation voted to continue reporting Immigration Status to Border Enforcement. A consultation had been promised on 22 March 2007 but the committee looking into the issue was quietly disbanded today without community present.

Toronto Police authorized a Don't Ask policy in 2006 under community pressure and public scrutiny. The Don't Ask policy directs police officers to refrain from enquiring about immigration status of victims and witnesses of crimes unless there is a "bonafide reason to do so". This policy has yet to be fully and effectively implemented.

Implement DADT at the Toronto Police Board

Nov/20/2008 - 1:30 pm

Campaign Calls on Chief of Police to IMPLEMENT a REAL AND FULL DADT POLICY

Pack the Board meeting and give a deputation (present your arguments for a full Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy). We are also asking people to send letters to the Board, a sample letter can be found at the end of this email, please cc all letters to

Thursday November 20th, 1:30pm
Toronto Police Services Board Meeting
Police Headquarters 40 College Street, Just West of Yonge Street

The Don't Ask, Don't Tell campaign is calling all allies, social service providers and immigrant/refugee communities to mobilize by packing the Toronto Police Services Board meeting to show our sincere concerns about the lack of a true Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy by the Toronto Police.

Stop the Raids on Migrant Workers! Stop Police Brutality! Don't Ask Don't Tell!

May/22/2008 - 12:00 pm
May/22/2008 - 2:00 pm


Stop the Raids on Migrant Workers! Stop Police Brutality! Don't Ask Don't

Rally at Police Headquarters
40 College Street (between Bay & Yonge)
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

On May 7, 2008, the Canadian Border Services Agency with assistance from Peel Regional Police raided SDR Distribution, at Dixie Rd. and Highway 401 in Mississauga.

As the police held the workplace hostage, Border Service Agents swarmed the building, checking IDs, harassing workers, and arresting 45 undocumented women and men.

The raids took place the day after the Auditor General's Report claimed that there were 41,000 "missing" undocumented workers that had to be immediately apprehended. Harper's government has escalated its attack on migrant communities using police officers as its enforcement tools.

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