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Toronto forges ahead with ‘sanctuary city’ plan

Advocates for undocumented migrants watch the Toronto City Council meeting Tuesday as it debates a motion to improve access to services by non-status residents.

Advocates for undocumented migrants watch the Toronto City Council meeting Tuesday as it debates a motion to improve access to services by non-status residents.

By: Immigration reporter, Published on Tue Jun 10 2014

Toronto has taken a baby step towards living up to its self-declared status as a “sanctuary city” for undocumented residents, by adopting some key recommendations.

Council voted 29-8 Tuesday to take concrete steps on a plan to give Toronto’s estimated200,000 non-status residents access to city services without fear of being turned over to border enforcement officials — including training city staff and revising policies to prevent discrimination based on immigration status.

“Last year, the city just committed itself to being a sanctuary city safe for people without immigration status, but not a lot has happened,” said Tzazna Miranda Leal of the Solidarity City Network, an umbrella advocacy group.

“This will help the city to start hammering out a detailed plan to make it a reality, and give city staff the tools they need to make it happen.”

UPDATE: Jam the Deportation Snitch Lines! Stop Racism!

Nov/03/2011 - 9:00 am
Nov/10/2011 - 5:00 pm

Jam the Deportation Snitch Lines! Stop Racism!

UPDATE: We've added three more names to our most wanted list. Call all day Friday and Monday, November 4th and 7th to jam the deportation snitch lines!

If you have information about more war criminals or those you suspect of serious criminality, please report them to your neighbours and friends; post their names and information on social networking sites like facebook and twitter; and, please, let us know at:

Over the past three months, the Conservative government has issued multiple lists of migrants that it charges with serious criminality or war crimes, often without evidence. Jason Kenney and Vic Toews have created phonelines across the country dedicating to reporting and deporting people.(More information below)

Secret Laws Creep into Immigrant Family Bedrooms


March 31, 2011.

Secret Laws Creep into Immigrant Family Bedrooms

As Harper launches election campaign, sneaky immigration laws are introduced that deny permanent residence to immigrant families. If passed, spouses who have been in a relationship with their Canadian sponsor for two years or less will be denied access to permanent residence for two or more years after their arrival in Canada. Harpers laws will force immigrant women to remain in abusive relationships with their spouses as a pre-requisite for gaining permanent status and will further entrench temporariness in an immigration system, already opposed to family re-unification. Anti-violence against women activists, community agencies and immigrant rights advocates are organizing a press conference to condemn these undemocratic regulatory changes.

WHAT: Press Conference

In defense of human smuggling, for the free movement of people.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto

It remains to be seen if Bill C-49, the newest anti-migrant bill introduced by the Harper government will become law.

Even after public condemnation by nearly a 100 healthcare and religious organizations, concerned community, refugee rights, legal advocacy and environmental groups, as well as thousands of individuals signing petitions and writing letters, the Conservative government continues to push forward this racist legislation.

With no real support anywhere for Bill C-49, Stephen Harper spins blatant lies saying, "Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds, old Canadians, new Canadians, urban Canadians, rural Canadians' want anti-human smuggling legislation". (for a partial list of organizations opposing Bill C-49, click here)

Noticing the breadth of public outcry, the Liberals, the NDP, the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois have come out in opposition to this Bill. The Liberal Party declared that Bill C-49 “masquerades as human smuggling legislation” and “does not adequately target human smugglers”, with Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff stating that the bill “[punishes] the victims, and not the criminals”.

But the opposition parties, like the Tories, have refused to define “human smuggling”.

Throughout the political jockeying and the manufactured media circus that surrounded the arrival of the Tamil migrants aboard the Ocean Lady and the MV Sun Sea, “human smuggling” has consistently been framed as an unquestioned evil, a practice that must be combated through anti-smuggling legislation and criminal punishment.

We reject this presumption.

Worker 'didn't feel safe' before scaffold collapsed

Labourers who fell to their deaths had noticed the stage that supported them was sagging. But did they know they could refuse unsafe work?

January 23, 2010
Peter Edwards
The Toronto Star

Immigrant highrise workers talked of on-the-job safety worries before four of them fell 13 storeys to their deaths on Christmas Eve, their widows say.

Vladimir Korostin, 40, a father of two, voiced his concerns about a scaffold – or "swing stage" – used at a highrise project just days before he fell to his death while repairing balconies at an apartment complex at 2757 Kipling Ave., said his ex-wife Irina Cherniakova, 37.

"He was scared to step on it (the swing stage). A day or two before the accident, he said the swing was sagging. He mentioned that he didn't feel safe enough at work."

Oksana Afanasenko, 27, the widow of Aleksey Blumberg, 33, said her husband also had safety concerns about the job, which involved repairing 252 aging balconies.

Hundreds Mourn Migrant Worker Deaths

Jan. 7, 2010 TORONTO - Hundreds gathered at 2757 Kipling Avenue on Thursday evening, staring at the building from which Alexander Bondorev, Aleksey Blumberg, Fayzullo Fazilov and Vladimir Korostin fell to their death on 24 December 2009. Dilshod Mamurov is still in the hospital.

Saddened and enraged community members from the neighboring buildings joined Toronto residents and unionized workers to pay their respects. In the flickering candlelight, Chris Ramsaroop and Farrah Miranda began the somber gathering.

"Our organizations, No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Justice for Migrant Workers, spend our days in communities working with people without full status that work without protections, that are exploited, that are deported, that are killed. Today is about marking all those deaths, all those injustices".

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