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Harper repeats past immigration blunders, targets migrants

21 October 2010

Media Contacts
Syed Hussan,, 416.465.5684
Macdonald Scott,, 647.710.5046

Harper repeats past immigration blunders, targets migrants

Toronto -- Immigrant and refugee rights organization, No One Is Illegal-Toronto, insists that the ‘Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act’ will further limit people's ability to migrate to Canada and should be immediately scrapped.

"With Canada slamming the door on refugee claimants applying from overseas, the only real way for people to come to Canada as refugees is to apply for status from within the country", explains Macdonald Scott, an immigration consultant and a member of the Immigration Legal Committee. "Applying for refugee status in Canada is enshrined in both Canadian and International law. By saying that it’s illegal, and an abuse of the system, Harper is trying to play us all for fools."

Criminal charges not enough, more needs to be done to ensure migrant workers come home alive, say community organizations


Oct. 19, 2010 - (Toronto) Community organizations welcome the decision to lay criminal charges against those responsible for the Christmas Eve deaths of four migrant workers killed on the job. However, migrant workers need immigration status on landing and drastic changes in provincial laws to ensure that these unnecessary deaths do not continue.

Fayzullo Fazilov, Aleksey Blumberg, Alexander Bondorev, and Vladimir Korostin tragically fell to their deaths after the scaffolding they were working on collapsed in half on December 24, 2009. A fifth worker, Dilshod Marupov, was severely injured. Only 1 of these 5 workers had permanent immigrant status.

On October 13, nearly a full year later, charges have been laid against three Metron executives and Metron.

Media Statement: Legal Rights of Tamil Migrants Under Threat

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Legal Rights of Tamil Migrants Under Threat
Parliament seeks to further restrict rights of refugees in Canada

TORONTO - Following the arrival of 492 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers off the coast of Vancouver nearly one month ago, the Conservative government has announced plans to “toughen” laws and ram through legislation aimed at stopping migration in an effort to “protect” the Canadian public from human trafficking. The proposed changes deny asylum seekers fundamental procedural rights enshrined by the Charter, and violate Canada’s obligations under international law.


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Toronto - No One Is Illegal–Toronto joins the Canada wide call for actions on 21 August, 2010 to demand that the Tamil migrants that have arrived on the MV Sun Sea be immediately released from detention, that their rights as migrants be upheld and they be granted permanent status and that the racist criminalization of refugee claimants immediately cease.

A 40 feet x 6 feet banner was dropped over the Gardiner Expressway near Roncesvalles. See images at and

Rallies are taking place in Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Kitchener-Waterloo and unsurrendered Wet’suwet’en Territories throughout the week. Details for these actions can be found here

Harper and Kenney create a "refugee crisis" to "solve a refugee crisis"

For Immediate Release
31 March 2010

Harper and Kenney create a "refugee crisis" to "solve a refugee crisis"

TORONTO – Immigrant and refugee rights group No One Is Illegal-Toronto is outraged at Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s lies to justify a refugee bill that will dismantle the Immigration and Refugee board, deny the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment or the Humanitarian and Compassionate Application to many claimants and unfairly ban claimants on the basis of country of origin. Proposed changes also shift responsibility of refugee sponsorship to private families and organizations.


For Immediate Release
08 March, 2010

Emergency Community Assembly and Press Conference

March 8
17 Phoebe Street, Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

TORONTO – On March 3rd, the Shelter | Sanctuary | Status campaign sent out a mass notice informing women and anti-violence against women organizations about Immigration Enforcement raiding Beatrice House in mid-February to arrest Jane, a single mother from Ghana. Since then, numerous women have decided to break the silence and spoken out about other raids that have been taking place.

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