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Stop Deportations

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URGENT! Act Now! CALL, FAX, PETITION to Stop Alexander Kopylov's Deportation!

If you haven't already, please take action right away to stop Alexander from being deported next Wednesday, Jan 23. Its very URGENT that we get in CALLS, FAXES and SIGNATURES in to the Enforcement Officer before Wednesday.

Details follow below.

Faces almost certain death in Russia.
He is being deported to Russia next Wednesday, 23 January 2008.
Unless WE do something NOW!

CALL the Enforcement Officer immediately at 905.405.3500
FAX the attached letter at 905.405.3533
SIGN the petition at:

Is an independent activist journalist who wrote against the violence of the Russian state.
Subsequently his newspaper was shut down, his car blew up, and he was told not to leave Rostov-on-Don.
He fled Russia knowing his life was in danger.

Sought political refuge in Canada.
It was denied.

Deportation Canada: A report-back on the Struggle of the Arellano-Diaz Family

Two weeks ago, the Arellano-Diaz family was deported to Mexico on board Mexicana Airlines flight 881 from Dorval. Three years earlier, the family settled in Montreal, having fled persecution by the policia judicial (or judicial police) in Mexico.

Three months before their deportation, the Arellano-Diaz family was forced underground, their refugee claim refused, and all other legal recourses exhausted - due in part to incompetent legal representation, and despite the fact that members of the family bear marks of violence inflicted by the judicial police on their bodies. This decision was made even as the Immigration and Refugee board (IRB);s own Country Report for Mexico notes the corruption and persistent human rights abuses perpetrated by police forces in Mexico.

Victory for Mohamed Cherfi

Mohamed CherfiA Canada-wide campaign to protest the Canadian governments deportation of Mohamed and to bring Mohamed home has been ongoing. Given this increasing pressure, there has been a victory for Cherfi! The Board of Immigration Appeal in the United States has just recognized Mohamed Cherfi as a political refugee by overturning the refusal handed down by a U.S. Immigration Court judge on October 22, 2004.

1) Joint press release, Mohamed Cherfi Solidarity Committee and others

2) AP News Article, June 1

3) Backgrounder on Mohamed Cherfi


Press Release

Canada: Status-less Abroad

By Naunidhi Kaur
Women's Feature Service

Toronto, (WFS) - "Being arrested was an event that I feared for the past one year and three months. I knew it could happen, but I never thought it would happen on the International Women's Day (March 8). This made my arrest a very special event. However tortuous, it brought to the forefront the situation of non-status people in Canada," Wendy Maxwell wrote from Costa Rica where she was deported on March 15, 2005. This was her second letter sent to her friends and supporters who have launched a campaign - Support Wendy Maxwell Committee (SWMC) - to get her back to Canada again.

Maxwell was picked up by the Toronto police at the Ryerson University campus while she was selling cookies at the Women's Day fair to raise money for CKLN, a local community radio station.

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