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Migrant Workers

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Toronto support action for McDonald's workers

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June 6, 2013: NOII-Toronto and allies are in solidarity with the McDonald's migrant workers. In over 30 countries today, people demanded that McDonald’s end labour abuse and support freedom of association for all its workers worldwide.

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Kenney gala disrupted, communities honoured, relationships strengthened

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Over 400 protestors took to the streets of Toronto Sunday night gathering outside Toronto's Royal York Hotel. Inside, Israel's apartheid institution Haifa University supported by Stephen Harper, Peter Munk, Ezra Levant and others had organized a ceremony to give Immigration Minister Jason Kenney an honorary degree.

Whose Borders 2. El Contrato & Borderless

Apr/20/2012 - 7:00 pm

No One is Illegal - Toronto Presents:
Whose Borders?
An evening of politics and picture shows!

Friday, April 20, 2012 at 7:30pm (doors at 7:00 pm)
Palmerston Library Theatre
(560 Palmerston Ave., North of Bloor St. W., west of Bathurst Subway Station - the station is wheelchair accessible)

*El Contrato (dir. Min Sook Lee, 51 mins.): El Contrato follows Teodoro Bello Martinez, a father of four from Central Mexico, and several of his countrymen as they make an annual migration to southern Ontario. For eight months of the year Leamington's population absorbs 4000 migrant labourers who pick tomatoes for conditions and wages no local will accept. Facing racism, exploitation, and constant threat of deportation, the workers voice their desire for dignity and respect, and better working conditions.

*Borderless (Min Sook Lee, 25 mins): They sew clothes in Montreal, clean high rises in Vancouver and build houses in Toronto. Their low wages subsidize Canada's first world economy. Using silhouetted interviews and stylized imagery shot on Super 8 and mini-dv, Borderless tells the story of Angela and Geraldo. Angela works as a domestic help caring for other people's children while her own child is growing up motherless in the Caribbean. Geraldo arrived from Costa Rica to work in

No More Deaths: Justice & Status for Migrant Workers!

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Feb/17/2012 - 12:00 pm
Feb/17/2012 - 2:00 pm

In another tragic incident, 11 migrant workers died in a car crash in Ontario this month. It is not the first time. In September 2010, Ralston White and Paul Roach died while working at a farm in Southern Ontario. In December 2009, Alexander Bondorev, Aleksey Blumberg, Fayzullo Fazilov, Vladimir Korostin, migrant workers without full status, fell to their deaths when the scaffolding they were working on collapsed in half. Year after year, migrants without full status die in Ontario and neither the government nor their employers have taken any serious remedial action.

These deaths represent only the surface of a phenomenon

Vigil: Celebrate Migrant Workers

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Dec/18/2011 - 5:00 pm
Dec/18/2011 - 6:30 pm

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change invites you to

Vigil: Celebrate Migrant Workers

5pm, Sunday December 18, 2011
Chinese Railway Workers' Memorial (Map:

Flowers, food, fruits and wine are the markers of the holiday season - grown, packaged, shipped, cooked by migrant workers across this country. As people begin to plan festivities, the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, is calling on migrant workers, undocumented people and their allies to join us at the Chinese Railway Workers` Memorial at 5pm in a vigil of somber reflection and to reiterate the need for immediate, urgent action to ensure justice, dignity and status for all migrants.

We demand:
* A right to landing status be granted upon arrival for migrant workers. They must not be tied to one employer, be required to live in their employer's home, or be subject to further medical examination;

Immigrant workers die as Tories continue to cut settlement funding

23 DECEMBER 2010

Immigrant workers die as Tories continue to cut settlement funding
Vigil on the 1-year anniversary of Christmas Eve migrant worker deaths

(Toronto) A candlelight vigil is being held on the one-year anniversary of the tragic deaths of four migrant workers who were killed last Christmas Eve when the scaffolding they were working on collapsed in half. The vigil will take place Friday December 24, 2010 at 2757 Kipling Avenue (the site of the scaffolding accident) at 2 pm and demands that more action be done to protect migrant workers.

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