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Community Open Letter Denouncing the Jewish Defense League’s Rally in Support of the English Defense League

On Tuesday, January 11, 2011, the Jewish Defense League of Canada (JDL) will be hosting a rally in support of the Islamophobic English Defense League (EDL) in Toronto. The JDL is hosting an online address from Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL. Both groups have a history of violence aimed at Arab and Muslim people. We are community groups that work daily to fight racism. We have come together to condemn the Jewish Defense League for their Islamophobia and for their support for the racist English Defense League.

Who is the English Defence League (EDL)?

Daniel Garcia Deported. We Continue.

At 8:30am this morning, Daniel Garcia unwillingly boarded a plane to Mexico City. The new year begins with a hole in the Parkdale community and in our hearts.

With over 1600 petitions signed, Christmas Day meetings of 50 people, New Year's Eve rallies of 150 people, some believed that perhaps the Tories would listen to the 'public' that they always invoke. With politicians, church groups, teachers unions, the Toronto District School Board, and especially Daniel's teachers and fellow students all condemning the deportation and calling for his release and with headlines in every newspaper and TV station across the country telling his 'special' story, some thought that perhaps Jason Kenney would intervene and grant Daniel Garcia a temporary resident permit. He didn't.

Yet again, the Conservative government of the day (like all governments) has shown that it is committed to a single project - one of exclusion, exploitation and ongoing violence.

In defense of human smuggling, for the free movement of people.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto

It remains to be seen if Bill C-49, the newest anti-migrant bill introduced by the Harper government will become law.

Even after public condemnation by nearly a 100 healthcare and religious organizations, concerned community, refugee rights, legal advocacy and environmental groups, as well as thousands of individuals signing petitions and writing letters, the Conservative government continues to push forward this racist legislation.

With no real support anywhere for Bill C-49, Stephen Harper spins blatant lies saying, "Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds, old Canadians, new Canadians, urban Canadians, rural Canadians' want anti-human smuggling legislation". (for a partial list of organizations opposing Bill C-49, click here)

Noticing the breadth of public outcry, the Liberals, the NDP, the Green Party and Bloc Quebecois have come out in opposition to this Bill. The Liberal Party declared that Bill C-49 “masquerades as human smuggling legislation” and “does not adequately target human smugglers”, with Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff stating that the bill “[punishes] the victims, and not the criminals”.

But the opposition parties, like the Tories, have refused to define “human smuggling”.

Throughout the political jockeying and the manufactured media circus that surrounded the arrival of the Tamil migrants aboard the Ocean Lady and the MV Sun Sea, “human smuggling” has consistently been framed as an unquestioned evil, a practice that must be combated through anti-smuggling legislation and criminal punishment.

We reject this presumption.

Toronto Schools A Little More Welcoming for Undocumented Students

Expanding Access to Education Without Fear

Education Not Deportation Campaign Update

This fall the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) - the largest school board in Canada - provided its 558 schools with a full colour poster stating that "All children living in our community, including those without immigration status in Canada, are entitled to admission to our schools"(attached)

Accompanying this poster was a tip sheet with guidelines for office administrators to ensure that no student is denied access to elementary or secondary school. [Download the document below]. If adhered to fully, this means that the TDSB could become a model school board for the principle of 'access without fear' as well as a major pillar of the ongoing campaign to build a Sanctuary/Solidarity City here in Toronto. For Kimberly and Gerald, for Matthew and Rawad, and for all the others without status who have had to fight for their right to education - we dedicate this victory to you.


Toronto — No One Is Illegal-Toronto, a grassroots migrant justice organization, is shocked and enraged at the most recent deaths of two migrant workers from Jamaica, Ralston White and Paul Roach, on September 10 while working at Filsinger's Organic Foods apple orchard and processing facility near Owen Sound, Ontario. Deaths and injuries to migrant workers are a hidden face of Canada's exclusionary immigration system, bursting in to light only when immense tragedies take place.

Four construction workers with precarious immigration status, Alexander Bondorev, Aleksey Blumberg, Fayzullo Fazilov and Vladimir Korostin, fell to their deaths on Christmas Eve 2009 in one of the worst workplace disasters to shake Toronto. The swing stage scaffolding they were working on broke into two pieces, plummeting the four workers over 13 stories to the concrete below at 2757 Kipling Avenue. A fifth man was in critical condition and will need medical attention for the rest of his life. A vigil was organized by No One Is Illegal-Toronto and Justice for Migrant Workers on January 7, 2010 (

The deaths of September 10 are presently under an Ontario Provincial Police and Ministry of Labor investigation. Such investigations do little to attack the root cause of the problem - the exclusionary, racist immigration agenda of Canada that forces migrants into temporary jobs with minimal protection or access to justice and dignity.

Halt the Tide of Islamophobia: A Call for Solidarity from the People's Commission Network and No One Is Illegal Montreal

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A Call for Solidarity from the People's Commission Network and No One Is Illegal Montreal

**See below for what you can do**

The People's Commission Network and No One Is Illegal Montreal call for solidarity with Muslim communities and individuals in Canada and Quebec who are experiencing even more intense Islamophobia and racism as a result of the media coverage of last week's "Project Samossa" arrests of Hiva Alizadeh, Khurram Sher and Misbahuddin Ahmed. Journalists have actually visited mosques where the people arrested have prayed, thereby greatly intensifying feelings of being vulnerable, under surveillance, marginalized and profiled simply for being Muslim or being perceived as such.

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