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We Fight, they Lie: Learning and Building a Global Movement against 2010 Olympics

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Protestors drumming outside the Mississauga Cooksville GO stationToronto - On Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 13 2008, 30 protesters boarded buses from Toronto's downtown Union Station to head to Cooksville Station in Mississauga. Moments before boarding, Peel Police arrived to serve activists in solidarity with calls for indigenous sovereignty a letter threatening them with arrest where they to try and disrupt the Spirit Train proceedings.

The previous evening, autonomous actions had successfully blocked the CP Railway Lines for a few hours, causing millions of dollars in economic disruption, and putting the issues of stolen land, ecological destruction, and exploitation of the poor and migrant workers firmly at the forefront.

Mississauga was the Spirit Train's eighth stop, having met with resistance at every station it took its party of shame. The Toronto activists were met with supporters from the suburbs and across southern Ontario. Banners were unfurled and the Anti-2010 flag hoisted as over 50 organizers chanted, banged pots and pans and blew whistles. Flyers detailing the corporate and racist mandate of the Olympics were distributed to visitors flocking to the only free entertainment in the services-deprived suburb.


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Oct/13/2008 - 12:00 pm


Meet at 12 Noon Sharp!
Union Station (corner of Front and York)
Free Transportation

Email for seat confirmation
OR meet at Cooksville GO Station at 1pm

On October 13, 2008, the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway)'s 'Spirit Train' will be arriving at Cooksville GO Transit Station in Mississauga, here to continue its goal of spreading pre-Olympic "spirit".

The Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 are appropriating indigenous land, marginalizing the urban poor and exploiting migrant workers.

The 2010 Olympics spirit that this train carries is a spirit of racism and corporate greed. This spirit has met with opposition in each of its stops across the country.

This spirit of oppression needs to be met with our spirit of resistance.

When it stops in Mississauga, come out with pots, pans, whistles, flags and placards. As most of Canada gives thanks for the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples on Turtle Island, we urge all allies to mobilize their communities to disrupt the Spirit Train in solidarity with the call for Indigenous sovereignty.

Resistance Flags Raised at CBC Headquarters

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On August 25 2008, following the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, dozens of people converged at CBC Headquarters in Toronto to publicly declare resistance to the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.

Organized by No One Is Illegal-Toronto but including a diverse network of groups and individuals, we collectively raised the anti-Olympic flag at the Opening Ceremonies of the resistance against the Vancouver Olympics, the G8 meetings, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership conventions, all occurring in Canada in 2010.

Highlighting indigenous attempts to defend lands and right to self-determination; of non-status people in calling for an end to their exploitation as disposable commodities; and of oppressed communities demanding a say in the political systems that govern them, activists demanded No Olympics on Stolen Native Land! No to the SPP! No to the G8!

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