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Stop the Cuts

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The Coming Cuts & How To Stop Them: Migrants, Unions & the Fight for Public Services

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On September 27th or shortly after, Rob Ford will put in place a plan to cut up to $800 million dollars from public services in Toronto. He will attempt to privatize TTC, public housing and more, shut down shelters, youth centres and arts programs and will begin charging fees for free public services. These changes will impact two communities the most: Migrant, undocumented, racialized and poor communities that use these services and unionized workers that provide them.

Unless we stop him.

We write today to inform our communities of the upcoming fight. Please see full details of the budget changes below. We are calling on unionized workers and community activists to organize fighting neighbourhood committees across the GTA to intervene in the 'public engagement' strategy. We ask that you commit to solidarity, mutual aid and respect in the struggle ahead. We insist that the fight now is not only to stop and reverse cuts to public services but to expand them, making them accountable and accessible to all people, irrespective of immigration status.

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